Raporty on-line 2020

1 Report No.2103 2103/AP (applications-zastosowania)
"Screening effect of partially ionized high-Z impurities in relativistic electron Fokkerr-Planck calculations and runaway electron dynamics"
Krzysztof Król
2 Report No.2104 2104/AP (applications-zastosowania)
"The Plasma-Focus device at IFJ PAN Kraków: Status and Perspectives"
Marek Scholz, Agnieszka Kulińska
3 Report No.2105 2105/AP (applications-zastosowania)
"Study of the mutual dependence between Lower Hybrid current drive and heavy impurity transport in tokamak plasmas. Part 1. Preparatory work and theoretical background"
A. Jardin, J. Bielecki, K. Krol, Y. Peysson, D. Mazon, D. Dworak & M. Scholz