Atomic force microscope model XE-120, Park Systems


  • Maximum scan range in X-Y plane - 90 μm x 90 μm;
  • Maximum Z range:
    • 25 μm, large head
    • 10 μm, small head
  • Working modes: True Non-contact, dynamic contact, contact AFM, LFM, phase imaging, force spectroscopy;

The microscope is equipped with two types of liquid cells, so called open and closed one, enabling measurements in liquid conditions in temperature controlled environment (from RT to 60 C). The AFM is integrated with fluorescence inverted optical microscope (OLYMPUS IX71, camera XC10, standard fluorescence filters, objectives from 4x to 100x).

AFM (Xe120) integrated with inverted optical microscope equipped with fluorescence units and camera.

AFM Z-head with mounted liquid cell.