• Maximum scan range in X-Y plane: 100 μm x 100 μm (Nanowizard 4; Force Robot heads);
  • Maximum scan range in X-Y plane: 500 μm x 500 μm (CellHesion head);
  • Maximum Z range: 100 μm (CellHesion), 15 μm (Nanowizard 4), 10 μm (Force Robot);

The microscope is equipped with three heads:

  • Nanowizard 4 devoted to imaging, quantitative imaging (QI mode),
  • Force Robot devoted to semi-automatic acquisition of force spectra,
  • CellHesion devoted to cell-cell interaction studies.

All measurements can be done in so called liquid-cell setup in temperature controlled conditions (from RT to 60 C). This AFM is also integrated with inverted optical microscope (Olympus IX 71) equipped with fluorescence (camera Andora, standard fluorescence filters, objectives from 4x to 100x). In the whole AFM setup, the micromanipulator system (Eppendorf) is incorporated.