Department of Radiation Transport Physics NZ61

Lectures for PhD students

2019/2020 academic year

A series of lectures for PhD students of the International PhD Studies at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN.

Title: How to ignite a star on Earth, or energetic Eldorado

Lecturers: dr hab. Marek Scholz, dr Axel Jardin, dr hab. Jakub Bielecki

Language: angielski


A serious lecture in a playful form about the future of energy harvesting. The lecture will be composed of several topics expressed as a list of the following questions:

  • Why do we want to ignite a star on Earth? 

In this lecture, you will investigate the reasons why we will need soon a star on Earth. (2h)

  • Which requirements should be fulfilled to achieve nuclear fusion in a star on Earth?

Here we will discuss which conditions must be met in our star on Earth. (1h)

  • Rutherford’s problem – is it possible to discover the energetic Eldorado in a very simple way?

In this lecture, we will show that unfortunately we cannot use an accelerator to achieve the energetic Eldorado.  (1h)

  • Let there be plasma! Plasma: what is it and how to think about it? 

Here we will show that plasma is not only in a TV screen. (1h)

  • How to use the plasma properties to confine our star on Earth? 

In this lecture, we will explore the idea of plasma confinement. (1h)

  • Have you ever seen a toroidal star? 

Here we will investigate the idea of toroidal magnetic confinement devices. (2h)

  • How to design a thermometer for our star on Earth?

Here we will discuss about possible diagnostic methods for our star on Earth. (2h)

  • Is it real? The ITER project: modern Tower of Babel or new energetic Eldorado?

In this lecture, we will present future plans for the construction of a star on Earth.  (2h)

Institute of Nuclear Physics 

Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. Radzikowskiego 152

31-342 Kraków, Polska

Department of Radiation Transport Physics




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