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PhDiaFusion Summer School of Plasma Diagnostics

The PhDiaFusion  Summer School is a scientific event organized jointly by the Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research (IRFM) CEA and Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN). The School is addressed to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students with their tutors. It is held in a spirit of "master and apprentice" approach. Lectures supported by hands-on tutorials are given by eminent world-class experts in the field of plasma physics. PhD students have an opportunity to present their recent work and achievements. The best students’ contributions are awarded.

The upcoming edition of the PhDiaFusion School will be held on 19-23.06.2023. For more information, please follow the official website of the School. 

Logo of phdia fusion school.

PhDiaFusion 2019: Synthetic Diagnostics For Inferring Plasma Properties

The third edition of the PhDiaFusion Summer School took place in Niepołomiceon June 3-7, 2019 and was solely focused on synthetic diagnostics for plasma physics, including magnetic and inertial confinement.

PhDiaFusion 2019 has been offcially recognized as one of the events of the French-Polish Scientific year.

Group photo of phdia fuion 2019 participants

PhDiaFusion 2017: Neutron and Gamma Diagnostics For Fusion Plasma 

The third edition of the PhDiaFusion Summer School was organised in Podlesice (Eagle Nest Trial) o September  11-15, 2017. The main topic of the 2nd edition of the PhDiaFusion School was “Neutron and gamma diagnostics for fusion plasma”.

Group photo of phdia fuion 2017 participants

PhDiaFusion 2015: Soft X-ray Diagnostics For Fusion Plasma

The first edition of the school aimed to discuss advances in detection methods for thermonuclear fusion, treatment algorithms and physical interpretation. The comprehensive knowledge of diagnostic technique associated to their detailed and complex analysis is a real challange, absolutely necessary for the next generation to achieve ITER and DEMO goals. The school was held in Bezmiechowa  (West region of Poland), 16 - 20 June, 2015. 

Group photo of phdia fuion 2015 participants
Poster of Phdia Fusion 2019
Poster of Phdia Fusion 2017
Poster of Phdia Fusion 2015

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