Department of Radiation Transport Physics NZ61

Recent publications (full list available in Polish version of the website): 

  • T.J. Gray, (W. Królas) et al., Early Signal of Emerging Nuclear Collectivity in Neutron-Rich 129Sb, Phys. Rev. Lett., 124 (2020) 032502
  • R. Krawczyk, (A. Jardin) et al., Parallel computing in soft X-rays plasma diagnostic systems for thermal fusion reactors — feasibility studies for GPUs, Concurr. Comp.-Pract. E., (2020) in print, doi: 10.1002/cpe.5235
  • M. Miecznik, (A. Wójcik-Gargula, J. Dankowski) et al., Search for tritium in air in a room equipped with 14 MeV neutron generator with tritiated targets, J. Environ. Radioactiv., 217 (2020) 106218
  • M. Akel, (Ł. Marciniak, A. Kulińska, M. Scholz), et al., Investigation of the Measured and Computed Neutron Yield From the PF-24 Device Operated With D2-x%Ar Admixture, IEEE T. Plasma Science, 47 (2019) 4301-4311
  • D. Bernardi, (W. Królas) et al., Towards the EU fusion-oriented neutron source: The preliminary engineering design of IFMIF-DONES, Fusion Eng. Des., 146 (2019) 261-268
  • J. Bielecki, A. Kurowski, Neutron Diagnostics for Tokamak Plasma: From a Plasma Diagnostician Perspective, J. Fusion Energ., 38 (2019) 386-393
  • S. Coda, (A. Jardin) et al., Physics research on the TCV tokamak facility: from conventional to alternative scenarios and beyond, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 112023
  • A. Drenik, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Analysis of the outer divertor hot spot activity in the protection video camera recordings at JET, Fusion Eng. Des., 139 (2019) 115-123
  • U. Fischer, (K. Drozdowicz, G. Tracz) et al., Neutronics of the IFMIF-DONES irradiation facility, Fusion Eng. Des., 146 (2019) 1276-1281
  • L. Garzotti, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Scenario development for D–T operation at JET, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 076037
  • A. Ibarra, (W. Królas) et al., The European approach to the fusion-like neutron source: the IFMIF-DONES project, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 065002
  • A. Jardin, J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski, K. Król, M. Scholz et al., Neural networks: from image recognition to tokamak plasma tomography, Laser Part. Beams, 37 (2019) 171-175
  • E. Joffrin, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium–tritium operation with the ITER like-wall, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 112021
  • W. Królas et al., Towards IFMIF-DONES - a fusion-like neutron source laboratory, Book of Abstr. of the Superconductivity & Particle AcceleratorS, 27-29 Nov. 2018, Cracow, Poland, 2019, p. 14
  • M. Scholz, D. Bocian, ITER Plasma Diagnostics: IFJ PAN Contribution to Design of the High Resolution Neutron Spectrometer (HRNS) and the Radial Neutron Camera (RNC), As above, p. 30
  • W. Królas, A. Ibarra, The IFMIF-DONES Project, Nucl. Phys. News, 29 (2019) 28-32
  • K.D. Lawson, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Population modelling of the He II energy levels in tokamak plasmas: I. Collisional excitation model, J. Phys. B-At. Mol. Opt., 52 (2019)
  • F. Martín-Fuertes, (W. Królas) et al., El proyecto de la instalación IFMIF-DONES: aspectos principales del diseño, Nucl. Esp., 406 (2019) 15-21
  • H. Meyer, (A. Jardin) et al., Overview of physics studies on ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 112014
  • V.S. Neverov, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Determination of isotope ratio in the divertor of JET-ILW by high-resolution Hα spectroscopy: H–D experiment and implications for D–T experiment, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019)
  • F. Pompili, (K. Drozdowicz, J. Dankowski) et al., Radiation and thermal stress test on diamond detectors for the Radial Neutron Camera of ITER, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A, 936 (2019) 62-64
  • M. Scholz, U. Woźnicka, K. Drozdowicz, A. Igielski, A. Kurowski, G. Tracz, A. Wójcik-Gargula, et al., Conceptual design of the high resolution neutron spectrometer for ITER, Nucl. Fusion, 59 (2019) 065001
  • M. Scholz, K. Król, A. Kulińska, A. Wójcik-Gargula, et al., On the Possibility of Initiating the Proton–Boron Nuclear Fusion Reaction in the Plasma-Focus Device, J. Fusion Energ., 38 (2019) 522–530 
  • G. Sias, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., A locked mode indicator for disruption prediction on JET and ASDEX upgrade, Fusion Eng. Des., 138 (2019) 254-266
  • T. Vasilopoulou, (J. Bielecki, J. Dankowski) et al., Improved neutron activation dosimetry for fusion, Fusion Eng. Des., 139 (2019) 109-114
  • U. Wiącek, U. Woźnicka, Feasibility study of artifacts on the neutron logging curve near the boundary of layers, Acta Geophys., 67 (2019) 1721–1729
  • U. Woźnicka, Review of Neutron Diagnostics Based on Fission Reactions Induced by Fusion Neutrons, J. Fusion Energ., 38 (2019) 376-385
  • A. Wójcik-Gargula, G. Tracz, D. Dworak, W. Królas, Characterization of the Coaxial n-type HPGe Detector for Activity Measurements of ITER Materials Irradiated in JET, Acta Phys. Pol. B, 50 (2019) 719-726

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