The OTM-R Package is a set of ready-made tools for implementing open, transparent and merit-based recruitment practices in research institutes. The package contains practical and useful guidelines for employers.

OTM-R is an essential element of the strategy ensuring access to and openness of the job market for researchers in all of the European Union.

The OTM-R package includes:

  • analysis of benefits of an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment process,
  • principles and guidelines for implementing the OTM-R system,
  • a checklist for institutions,
  • a step-by-step guide to improve the recruitment process,
  • examples of good practice.

The aim of OTM-R is to increase the effectiveness of domestic research investments, where equal opportunities for employment are guaranteed and international collaborations contributing to the development of science are expanded.

The fundamental principles of OTM-R are as follows:

  • clear and transparent information on the recruitment process,
  • clear and succinct job announcements,
  • detailed information on job requirements and opportunities,
  • keeping the administrative burden to a minimum.

Policy of open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers

Recruitment procedures