1. General information about IFJ PAN

  • The Institute is currently one of the largest research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Twice, in 2013 and in 2017 the Institute was awarded A+ Category (leading level in Poland) in science and engineering.
  • In 2017 the European Commission granted to the Institute the HR Excellence in Research award.
  • The Cyclotron Centre Bronowice (CCB) is an infrastructure unique in Central Europe, serving as a clinical and research center in the area of medical and nuclear physics.
  • The Institute runs four accredited research and measurement laboratories.
  • The Scientific Council of the Institute is authorized to confer the Ph.D. degrees and Habilitation degrees in physics.
  • The Institute runs the International PhD Studies in physics and also two Interdisciplinary PhD Studies: “Interdisciplinary Research for Innovative Medicine; InterDokMed” and “Physics, Chemistry and Biophysics for New Materials and Technologies; FCB” (jointly with the Universities and Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences). We have students from several countries, among others from Italy, Iran, France, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • The average yearly publication yield of IFJ PAN includes over 600 scientific papers, reports and conference contributions. 70% of the publications appear in major international journals listed by the Thomson Reuters.
  • Each year the Institute hosts international and national scientific conferences. Those events give an opportunity to share recent important results, both theoretical and experimental, and offer a general forum to discuss the frontiers of physics.

More information: here.

2. Structures/Employees/Disciplinary Committee/Anti-mobbing Committee

The Institute’s personnel is composed of over 580 employees, including full professors, associate professors and PhD associates, as well as a team of engineers and technicians possessing broad competences appreciated in the world and administrative staff.

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee adjudicates in first instance on disciplinary matters of scientific or research workers.

Chairman: prof. dr hab. Marek Kowalski

More information: here

Code of ethics for research workers: [PL] [ENG]

Anti-mobbing Committee

Mobbing complaints shall be investigated by the Anti-mobbing Committee: komisja.antymobbingowa@ifj.edu.pl

The Committee may provide information on the procedure regarding the recognition of matters being the subject of its activity, while questions related to the issue of mobbing and harassment of answers will be provided by the legal advisor at the IFJ PAN.

More information: here

3. Access to IFJ PAN (entry card, e-mail, wi-fi, vpn, map)

Entry card is necessary to reach IFJ PAN. In order to get your card please contact the Secretary of Deputy Director, Building 5, room 5305A, phone: 8100. For Guests which are not IFJ PAN employees a deposit of 20 PLN is charged.

To set up your e-mail account you should fill the form.

Information about Internet access at IFJ PAN (Wi-Fi Guest, eduroam configuration you will find here.

Description how to connect to network from home and access to public printer is available here.

Computer and Network Support (DSK): Building 4, room 5202A, +12 662 8293


4. Other information (seminars, library, bistro, additional insurance, Nucleus)

The IFJ PAN Library offers a collection of over 17600 books, more than 15500 bound volumes of periodicals/journals and access to electronical journals of ACS, AIP-APS, IOP, OUP, and RSC publishers.

From Institute you have free access to Web of Sciences (WoS) and Scopus databases. In our library you can use reading room for your work.

Please register and get your own library card in order to borrow books. Library: Building 5, 1st floor, phone: +12 662 8328, General opening Mon - Fri 9:00 - 15:00 hours, weekend/holiday closed.

Seminars – there are weekly on Thursday at 11:00 in the Conference Hall. There are also department seminars- all are announced on website.

Bistro KWANT is open from 7:30 to 16:00. Breakfast are served till 11:30 and dinners between 11:30 till 16:00.

Additional insurance - offers you and your family extra financial security when you need more care in the future. For more information please contact: Renata.Myslowska@ifj.edu.pl, phone: 12 662 8103

Nucleus – it is a sport club for employees. Chairman: Piotr.Bednarczyk@ifj.edu.pl. More information you can find here.

5. Emergency services

In case of emergency (life-threatening) please call the emergency services who will inform the ambulance or fire brigade: 8444 or 444 or via mobile phone: 12 662-8444
Main gate: 8143
Electrician: 8122

General emergency number: 112
Police: 997
Fire brigade: 998
Ambulance: 999

Here you can also find list of people trained to provide first aid.
Defibrillator is at the main gate.
First aid kits are located in every building on each floor.