Additional/useful information

Additional/useful information

1. Family & pets

There’s a wide range of support that the families can take when living in Poland. Here are some of the programs that are the most popular with some brief description of how to apply to them.

Children education

How to take care of your child's education - basic questions and answers. Please go here to find out more about the most important information for foreigner.

Support program for families with children

The "Family 500+" Programme is a systemic support. Parents and guardians of children up to the age of 18 can receive benefit for bringing up a child support benefit 500 +.

For families with income below PLN 800 net per person, support will be given to the family also for the first or only child.

For more information about the program go here and for foreigners requirements go here.

International kindergartens in Krakow

Here you will find a list of kindergartens in Krakow area with English speaking educational programs.

English schools in Krakow

There are many private English schools in Kraków. These schools offer a wide range of challenging English-language courses for students of all ages. The extended you can find under this link.

Nanny and Babysitter

The services of licenced babysitters and nannies are listed here.


Travelling with pets
If you want to travel with your pets you should familiarize yourself with this site.

2. Medical care

Take Care of Your Health in Krakow

Here’s a list of sites that you can find especially useful when the health is concerned.

Health Insurance in Poland – all you need to know Link 1, Link 2, home visits in Cracow Link 3.

3. Transport

Cracow is a city with pretty well developed public transport and you have various options to move from one place to another.

City transport

MPK is a public transport company (buses and trams) and you can check many useful information about this service here. Also useful is a comprehensive tool for planning travel by public transport. Use this site.

How to exchange a driving license

If you drive a car and would like to use your driving licence in Poland here are some things you should know.


If your driving license is issued by an EU country, it is recognised throughout the EU.


If you have a driving license issued outside the EU, you must replace it within 6 months from the date of commencing a permanent or temporary stay in Poland.

Price comparison car rental

There are many car rental companies in Cracow and here’s a list of all of them.

Bicycle Rental

The healthiest way of traveling in Krakow during the nice weather is definitely by bike. There are two companies that can help you with that. One of them is called Wavelo and the other one BikerRiders.

Car rental for minutes

There is a car service where you pay for minutes instead of hours so if you want to transport yourself somewhere quickly then Traficar is a service you should definitely check out.

4. Polish currency, monthly cost of living

The costs of living in Kraków differ depending on the preferred standard and lifestyle. To make this decision easier for you we’ve put together a list of standard expenses making up the cost of living in Poland in 2018. Check some of them here.

5. Free time and holidays

A visit to Krakow is a meeting with the most glorious era in Polish history. Krakow’s Old Town, along with Wawel Castle and the city’s Kazimierz district were placed on the First World Heritage List, created by UNESCO. Kraków rated one of TripAdvisor's Top 10 Most Excellent Cities in the World. It is also home to many festivals, many of which have rich traditions and regular audiences.

Calendar of cultural events

There’s a number of sites where you can check cultural events in Krakow but the two that we would like to recommend to you are and

Places that are worth visiting

If you like sightseeing then Krakow will not disappoint you. Apart from lots of historical places there are also parks, squares and lots of natural landscapes that you are going to love. Check some of them here.


All holidays in Poland are considered paid non-working dates with two exceptions. Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday (Pentecost) always fall on a Sunday and this is considered a day of rest in Poland. Only the employees who are actively scheduled to work on these days receive the day off with pay.

There are special dates that are holiday in Poland, to be up to date with polish holidays and festivals check out this link and for school holidays this one.

6. Polish language courses

Paid language courses

If you would like to invest in your language skills you can apply to one of these language schools in Krakow.

Free online course

If you prefer to start with some free classes there’s an option to do that as well. Duolingo app offers basic Polish trainings so just download it and start playing with Polish language.

Private Lessons

Another option is to start practicing one on one with your private language tutor. On this site you will find some more options on how to build or improve your Polish language skills.