Fluorescence Microscopes

Microscope ZEISS, 1964


Full microscope equipment for classic and molecular cytogenetics analysis i.e. FISH technique.

Epifluorescent microscope Olympus IX53

Technical Data

Standalone inverted optical microscope with fluorescence (Olympus IX53) is equipped with fluorescence camera XC100 (1.4 mln pixels) and standard fluorescence filters DAPI, FITC, TRITC. Fluorescence is excited with 100W mercury lamp (Olympus). (see also)

Fluorescence microscope Leica DMi8

Technical Data

The fully-motorized and automated inverted fluorescence microscope (Leica DMi8) equipped with digital camera and live imaging chamber.


It allows whole-cell as well as sub-cellular structure observations and quantitative analysis like photometry. Integration of live imaging chamber allows for live cell observations together with cell dynamics and migration studies.

Departments in which the equipment is in use

Department of Experimental Physics of Complex Systems (NZ52)
Department of Biophysical Microstructures (NZ55)