Holotomographic microscope Nanolive 3D CX-A

Main technical parameters

Holotomographic microscope Nanolive 3D CX-A equipped with a 520 nm laser, a 2.3 MPix 1 / 1.2 CMOS camera with a resolution of 200 nm in the XY axis and 400 nm in the Z axis, with an integrated epifluorescence system (4 channels - DAPI, FITC, TritC, Cy5, XY resolution - 400 nm) and an integrated incubator system that allows to work either with 96-well dishes or with 4 dishes of a diameter of 35 mm.


Long-term viability studies of animal or plant cells without a phototoxic effect. Imaging of morphological and metabolic changes taking place in the above-mentioned cells under the influence of added substances e.g. drugs. The microscope enables performing measurements in three axes x, y, z and reconstruction of 3D images. Thanks to the incubator integrated with the microscope, in situ research can be carried out over a long period of time. In addition, four fluorescent channels allow the observation of individual cell structures.

Department in which the equipment is in use

Department for Functional Nanomaterials (NZ32)