Helium Liquefier

Helium Liquefier

Technical data

Turbine helium liquefier system

  • Able to liquefy up to 35l/h with LN2precooling
  • Able to liquefy helium without LN2 precooling (with reduced performance)
  • Able to operate with helium contaminated by atmospheric air up to 1%
  • 1000 dm3 storage Dewar
  • Two helium balloons, 15 m3 each
  • 70 m3/h recovery compressor
  • 3 helium high pressure storage groups, containing 108 90l bottles operating at 200 bar


Helium liquefaction, distribution and gaseous helium recovery.

Department in which the equipment is in use

Division of Scientific Equipment and Infrastructure Construction (DAI)