MW CVD Reactor

AX5250 (5 kW) Model - purchased in 2006

Technical Data

Reactor Type: Plasma Immersion
Microwave Power: 5 kW
Microwave Frequency: 2.45 GHz
Film or thick CVD diamond at deposition rates: up to 15 micrometer/hr
Typical Growth Rate: up to 6 micrometer/h
Typical Mass Rate: 60 mg/hr
Produces CVD diamond with high thermal conductivity: 10 - 20 W/cm-K
Operation: 10 - 100 Torr (1 - 100 Torr optional)
Sample size: 50 mm (2 inch)


Formation of thin complex films and coatings based on carbon by MW CVD method.
Typical growth rate: 2 - 5 or 6 micron/hr.

Department in which the equipment is in use

Department of Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures (NZ34)