X-Ray Diffractometer

X'PERT PRO Pananalytical, purchased January 2005

Technical Data

Vertical goniometer of Θ-Θ geometry, independent Θ and 2Θ driving gears, angle range from 0.2o, possibility to change the diameter of the goniometer, angular precision 0.001o
Ceramic Cu X-ray tube, power capability of 2 kW, water cooling, "long fine focus", elimination of Kβ (filtr Ni)
Optical modules at the primary and secondary beam: slits and colimators for diffractometry and reflectivity measurements with three computer operated elements; the PreFix system allows easy exchange (no re-alignment) of details
Two detection tracks supplied with proportional counters:
  • for powder diffractometry
  • for thin film reflectivity and grazing incidence diffraction
The low temperatures 80-750 K
The high-temperature chamber designed for measurements at temperatures up to 1500 K;
Computer operation


  • non-destructive qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of a broad class of materials such as minerals, metals, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and different types of new compounds
  • thin film and multilayer reflectometry
  • grazing incidence diffraction


The system satisfies the most stringent requirements with respect to protection from X-rays. The complete X-ray compartment is enclosed in a steel cabinet with lead glass windows.

Bragg-Brentano geometry for powder diffraction

X-Ray Diffractometer

X-Ray Diffractometer

X-Ray Diffractometer

Departments in which the equipment is in use

Department of Soft Matter Research (NZ35)
Department of Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures (NZ34)