Multipurpose X-ray Microprobe

Technical data

X-ray tube: Hamamatsu L9191 with microfocus
Exchangeable targets: Ti - characteristic Kα 4.5 keV
Mo - Kα 17.4 keV
Ag - Kα 22.2 keV
W - Kα 59.3 keV, Lα 8.4 keV
X-Ray output window: Beryllium / 0.5 mm
X-Ray tube Voltage range: 20 kV - 160 kV
X-Ray tube Current range: 0 μA - 200 μA
Resolution (source spot): < 2 μm
X-ray beam angle: 120 degrees
X-ray image acquisition: Photonic Science X-ray CCD camera, 4008 x 2670 pixels
X-ray focusing: 4.5 keV - K-B setup with elliptical multilayer mirrors (Rigaku Inc.)
17.4 keV - K-B setup with total reflection elliptical mirrors (XRadia Ltd.)

The microprobe consists of three experimental lines dedicated to

(i) computer microtomography, CMT, including Phase Contrast CMT (routine operation);
(ii) X-ray irradiation of biological specimens (pilot experiments phase);
(iii) elemental analysis of samples by XRF or TXRF) methods (design phase).

Additional information

Department in which the equipment is in use

Department of Experimental Physics of Complex System (NZ52)