Solid State Pulsed NMR Spektrometer

Technical Data

APOLLO single resonance, wideband NMR console produced by Tecmag. One 5-450 MHz transmitter with 100 ns 0.02° phase shifts, digital receiver with 14-bit ADC and digital filtering, DSP pulse programmer with 100 ns resolution, NTNMR software working under Windows XP (USA, 2004)
M3426 wideband, high power rf amplifier, produced by AMT. 1 kW output power in the 30 - 120 MHz frequency range (USA, 1993)
PA300 narrowband, high power rf amplifier, produced by usoft. 1 kW output power at 300 MHz (Germany, 2000)
Superconducting magnet produced by MAGNEX. Magnetic field 7 T, 89 mm bore, field homogeneity 0.2 ppm in a 5 mm diameter sphere. Liquid helium and nitrogen consumption 65 l/100 days i 50 l/10 days, respectively (UK,1996)
CF 1230 continuous flow helium cryostat produced by Oxford Instruments, equipped with the ITC503 temperature controller which enables the temperature stabilization of ±0.1 K in the 4 - 300 K range (UK, 1996)
Low temperature NMR probe with goniometer for deuteron NMR studies of single crystal and powder samples in the 4.2 - 300 K temperature range (Germany, 1997)
CP/MAS HP-WB 73A probe produced by Bruker. Two-channels, channel X: 44 - 122 MHz (2H - 31P), channel 1H: 300 MHz, maximum spinning rate 15 kHz (Germany, 1999)


  1. Studies of molecular dynamics in solids by deuteron NMR spectroscopy and relaxation in a wide temperature range (4.2 - 300 K)
  2. Structural studies of a wide range of new materials by high resolution solid state NMR spectroscopy, using MAS technique. The spectra of the following nuclei are most often studied: 29Si, 27Al, 23Na, 9Be, 11B, 79Ga, 51V i 31P.

Laboratory in which the equipment is in use

Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NZ56)