MeanField4Exp service avaialble in the IFJ PAN www domain

In the WWW domain of IFJ PAN, on the dedicated Internet platform, the MeanField4Exp service has been launched, allowing access to a database of results of advanced theoretical calculations of the structure of nuclei, using the modern mean-field approach, and their graphical presentation. The package of programs creating and operating this database was developed by Professor Jerzy Dudek of the University of Strasbourg and implemented by young physicists from Department of the Structure of Atomic Nucleus IFJ PAN (Dr. Irena Dedes and Dr. Abdelgafahr Gaamouci). Among other things, the interactive database search allows sketching the single-particle energy and total energy in nuclei over a wide range of atomic and mass numbers, Z and A, as a function of various shape deformation parameters and angular momentum of the selected nuclide. The results are presented in graphically attractive, fully editable charts and maps. The MeanField4Exp service is part of the Theo4Exp package, belonging to the European Horizon Europe EURO-LABS project, in which our Institute participates. This tool is dedicated to experimental physicists. Its purpose is to facilitate the interpretation of data collected in experiments on the structure of nuclei and the mechanism of nuclear reactions, carried out on ion beams in European accelerator laboratories.