Interdisciplinary applications of physics

The Institute (IFJ PAN), originally established as a nuclear physics research laboratory over 50 years ago, has by now expanded its research over a broad range of interdisciplinary applications of physics and enjoys a privileged position in these activities. Along with its most up-to-date research activity in basic theoretical and experimental physics, the IFJ PAN has acquired several decades of experience in the studies of living systems and in developing technical devices and procedures useful in life sciences, medical diagnostics and cancer radiotherapy. Extensive local, regional, national and international co-operation and joint projects in these areas have developed quite naturally, due to Krakow's position as a leading national academic community. Several academic and research institutions involved with life sciences and with various aspects of clinical and research medicine in this region have profited from this co-operation. In this sense, the IFJ PAN has for several years served as a leading regional centre in interdisciplinary applications of physics, particularly in radiation and environmental biology, environmental physics, medical physics, dosimetry, nuclear geophysics, radiochemistry and material engineering.