Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MEiN)

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education strives to improve the quality of Polish science and higher education, helps talented students to develop their scientific careers, supports teams of young inventors, rewards the best and supports good practices, using the Minister's programmes and competitions, including the "Diamond Grant" programme, the "Excellent Science" programme, scientific scholarships for outstanding scientists, the "Social Responsibility of Science" programme and many others.

It also supports research through:

  • financing of research infrastructure through funds for the maintenance of scientific and research equipment, research station and special IT infrastructure (SPUB),
  • funding from subsidies for the maintenance and development of teaching and research capacity,
  • subsidizing investments serving the needs of scientific research or development works,
  • funding dissemination activities (DUN),
  • financing of international co-funded projects (PMW).

The Ministry also supports the sustainable development of Polish universities, research institutes and scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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