Seminaria Oddziału Fizyki Jądrowej i Oddziaływań Silnych


29.06.2020, godz. 9:15

"Complex landscape of nuclear deformation at zero spin in Ni nuclei – search for shape isomers"
prof. dr hab. Bogdan Fornal, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

22.06.2020, godz. 9:15

"AGATA - the most performant gamma ray spectrometer, technical challenges and physics program"
dr hab. Piotr Bednarczyk, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

15.06.2020, godz. 9:15

"Large Hadron Collider as a light-by-light scattering detector"
dr Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

01.06.2020, godz. 9:15

"Test of the three body forces with the AGATA+PARIS+VAMOS setup - measurement of excited states lifetime in neutron-rich C and O isotopes"
dr Michał Ciemała, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

26.05.2020, godz. 9:30

"Studies of pion induced reactions with the HADES spectrometer"
dr Izabela Ciepał, IFJ PAN (via )

19.05.2020, godz. 9:30

"Study of 208Pb excitations using a proton beam at CCB IFJ PAN"
dr hab. Maria Kmiecik, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

04.05.2020, godz. 10:00

"From predictive power of theoretical modeling in nuclear structure to some examples of the realistic calculations"
dr Irene Dedes, UMCS Lublin (via ZOOM)

27.04.2020, godz. 10:00

"Probing the Critical Point of Strongly Interacting Matter through Baryon Fluctuations at the CERN SPS"
dr Nikolaos Davis, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

20.04.2020, godz. 10:00

"Studying the strong force with electromagnetic interactions"
dr Vitalii Ozvenchuk, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)

06.04.2020, godz. 10:00

"PARIS calorimeter – idea, status and first experiments"
prof. Adam Maj, IFJ PAN (via ZOOM)