Selected pictures from my Australian journey


0010_opera_sydney 0020_syd_opera_ja 0030_syd_opera_model 0040_syd_harbour
Opera House in Sydney. One of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Build by the project of Danish architect Utzon. [Sydney] This weekend in front of the Opera House - they have built an open air scene (rightmost on the photo, covered with a white roof). The model of the "right" Opera House as it was designed by the Danish architect Utzon. They didn't make this as he intended - so he left Sydney for ever, and never returned. The Sydney Harbour and the Opera House as seen from the Harbour Bridge.
0050_syd_bridge 0060_three_sisters_gorge 0070_three_sisters 0075_blue_waterfall
The Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Our polish famous sailing boat "Dar Pomorza" once was sailing under this bride. Blue Mountains. The edge of the cliff. Below - there is a forest. Blue Mountains. Three Sisters (rocks) on the edge of the cliff. Katoomba Falls in Blue Mountains.
0080_blue_rainforest 0090_blue_rock 0100_wavelength 0110_wavelength_girl
Rainforest in Blue Mountains. Note: many fern trees, unusual for Europeans One of rocks of the Blue Mountains cliff. Because of the bush fire - the forest downhill was almost invisible. (Smoke) Wavelength's boat on the way to the Great Barrier Reef (from Port Douglas). After 3 hours of diving, on the way home. [The Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas]
0120_wavelength_skipper 0130_daintree_safari 0135_turtle 0136_dragon
After the full day of snorkelling on the coral reef, and the long nice conversation with our skipper. - A farewell photo. [Port Douglas]. Daintree River rainforest. As you know, the steering weel in Australian cars is on the right side of the car... Mosman Gorge (Daintree River National Park). A trutle is climbing on the stone. Mossan Gorge A dragon on the branch - sitting in the sunny place
0140_daintree 0150_daintree_electric 0160_daintree_lunch 0170_daintree_portrait
The Daintree River mouth. Bays of the Daintree River. Spoting crocodiles and other wildlife - from a silent electric boat [Daitree River, Queensland] Lunch in the Daintree River National Park. We ate all these fuits. I can not repeat their names... We ate also an extremally tasty fish from Daintree River Daintree River rainforest The driver, Nicolas, took this portrait of me.
0180_kangur 0190_koala_magnetic 0200_koala_magnetic_poziom 0210_rogue_skipper
Small and young kangooro near the Port Douglas ("Habitat") Koala (mother and her baby) on the Magnetic Island near the Fort. Koala (mother and her baby) on the Magnetic Island near the Fort. For the short time they stopped sleeping. They were on the tree just near the path. The other koalas spotted this day were high on the trees. Rogue II sailing boat. I try to "stear it" but the boat is safe, as the skipper (Shane) is sitting next to me. [Whitsunday Islands]
0220_rogue_map 0230_rogue_we 0240_rogue_sails 0250_group_whitsunday_tif
Inside the Rogue II sailing boat. In the background hangs the map of Whitsunday Islands. Rogue II sailing boat, near Whitsunday Islands - and some members of our fantastic group. Sails of our Rogue II sailing boat - in action. [Whitsunday Islands] Family Photo of all members of our Rougue II siling boat. [Whitsunday Islands] (This is in TIF format, so a bit better quality. If you need even better, I can scan it once more!)
0260_stinger_suit 0270_whitsunday_andrew 0280_whitsunday_cliff 0290_hamilton
Just before snorkeling in a stinger suit. [Whitsunday Islands, Rougue II] The only Australian in our group - Andrew. He showed me what is a "Vegymate". I shall never forget it. [Rogue II, Whitsunday Islands] Whitsunday Island. On the way to Whiteheaven Beach. South from Whtsunday Island there is Hamilton Island. The hotels are only here, the rest is a wild national park.
0300_frasier_family_corr 0310_frasier_car 0320_frasier_party 0330_frasier_goana
"Family Photo" of our grop in front of our car, soon before end of the safari, on the 70 miles beach. Joannes (Frenchman) is missing in action. He is taking this photo. [Fraser Island] Fraser Island 4WD safari Our car just before one of the most difficult part - crossing near the Indian Head Frasier Island - on the Second Day of Christmas. Party with very nice people from other two cars - under the "roof". (Some drops of rain were falling) Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie. The goana (1.5 meter long)
0340_frasier_forest 0350_frasier_creek 0360_frasier_indian_rock 0370_frasier_desert
Fraser Island. Forest after a bush fire is recovering soon. Fraser Island. As there is a plenty of sharks in the Ocean here, everybody enjoys a "save" water of this fresh water Eli creek Fraser Island. Indian Head peninsula. No shark visible now... Just mantas or turtles. Fraser Island desert
0380_frasier_desert_kadr 0390_frasier_dunes 0400_frasier_icar_res 0410_frasier_wrack
Fresier Island desert. Fraser Island Dunes. Somewhere here an Irish group took a famous photo "The two man with the Irish flag on the wind". We had much less phantasy... Fraser Island Dunes. Me agains the Nature. Me with the Nature. 70 miles beach on Fraser Island. The wrack "Maheno". The ship of cpt. Fraser.
0420_noosa_hell 0430_brisban_bridge 0440_brisban_palms 0450_brisban_nepal_bell
Ocean foaming at Noosa National Park. The Hell's Gate. [Noosa Heads, Queensland] Brisbane. The City. In the centre of photo - the Victoria bridge, where I spent a New Year Eve watching fireworks over the river Brisbane. Palms in the Botanic Garden Brisbane, South Bank. The bell of peace in front of the Nepal Temple.
0460_brisban_nepal_roof 0470_parrots_three 0480_parrots_one 0490_coffs_harbour
Brisbane, South Bank. The Nepal Temple Three parrots in the Lammington National Park A parrot in the Lammington National Park. [Queensland, 90 km south west from Brisbane] Coffs Harbour National Park. The Island of Birds
0500_alma 0510_surfing 0520_macquarie_birds 0525_way_to_canberra
"Alma Doepel" sailing boat anchored in Port Macquarie First lesson of surfing was easier than I expected. [Port MacQuarie. Photo taken by my "teacher" Warwick]. Port Macquarie. Kormorans on the rocks of Miners Beach. Somewhere on the way from Sydney to Canberra. [photo: Robert Czernkowski]
0530_canberra_me 0540_canberra_war_memorial 0545_war_memorial_wall 0550_Canberra_parlament
The Australian Parlament is seen on the other side of the lake. [Canberra] Canberra The War Memorial Canberra War Memorial. One of walls with names of soldiers died during World War II. [Canberra, photo Robert Czernkowski] Me on the roof of the Australian Parliament. [Canberra]
0560_canbera_parlament_mine 0580_robert_and_mum_in_Canberra 0590_kosciuszko_distant 0600_kosciuszko_summit
Canberra, a flag on the top of Australian Parlament. I took this photo using camera of Robert Czernkowski. [Canberra] Robert and his Mum watching the Australian Parliament in Canberra. [I am proud that I forced them to take this photo. I like the shadows...] The highest mountain in Australia is Mt. Kosciuszko (2228 m). This is the peak just above my head. The summit of the Mt. Kosciuszko (2228m). Most of these people use the chairlift to reach the altitude 1900 meters. Then they they walk 5 km.
0610_kosciuszko_gums 0620_melbourne_sculpt 0630_melbourne_bridge 0635_melb_austral_open_tenis
Mt. Kosciuszko National Park. The gum trees are growing in the lower regions of the mountains. Melbourne. The south bank of the river. Modern architecture of Melbourne City. Australian Open Tenis tournament is played on many tennis courts simultanously. In the background - the Olympic Games Melbourne 1956 stadion
0640_melb_kangooro 0650_ocean_road001 0660_ocean_apostol 0670_otway_bridge
The Great Ocean Road. Kangooros sleeping in the shadow of trees. The first one woke up, and is ready to escape. The Great Ocean Road on the most south side of the Australian continent. Great Ocean Road. One of the Twelve Apostols (Rocks). Otway National Park. The rainforest here is different from this on the north of Australia.
0680_otway_forest_corr 0690_devil 0700_lake_st_clair 0710_lake_st_clair_forest
Otway Rainforest. I like the charm of such places. And the fern trees, which are just like form Jurrasic Park. The Tasman Devil. It is as big as a dog, but very agresive. Here we can see a young one. [Tasmania, near Port Arthur] Tasmania. Lake St. Clair seen from the mouth of the Narcissus River. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in Australia. Particullary the dense and humid rainforest was amazing... Rainforest near the Lake St. Clair. Impossible to photograph - this picture shows fern trees, but can not show a mystrerious atmosphere of this place. It was like a green tunnel.
0720_freycinet_2bays 0730_freycinet_lighthouse 0740_freycinet_lookout 0750_freycinet_wineglass_bay_censored
Tasmania, Freycinet National Park. Wineglass Bay and Hazardous Bay seen from the summit Mt. Amos. Tasmania, Freycinet Peninsula. From the lighthouse one can also see some of Wineglass Bay. Wineglass Bay seen form the lookout on the pass. [Tasmania, Freycinet National Park] Wineglass Bay. A tropical paradise. A Tarzan, seen on the picture, was trying to fight with huge waves of the Ocean. [Tasmania, Freycinet Peninsula]
0760_pinguins 0770_russel_falls 0780_southern_ocean 0790_olimpia_sydney
At 21:30 baby penguins wait in total darkness for an arrival of their parents who would feed them. [Tasmania, Bicheno] Mt Field National Park, Russel Falls. [Tasmania] Tasmania. The Southern Ocean near the Tasman Peninsula. The waves here were really dangerous... Australia Stade in Sydney. The Olympic Games Sydney 2000 were just here. The Olympia Culdron was on the curve, just behind me. [Sydney, Olympia Park]
0800_olimpia_sydney_grass 0810_sydney_bondi 0820_ocean_sydney_harbour 0830_sydney_airport
Australia Stade. The place, where Olympic Games Sydney 2000 took place. Now this stade is reconstructed, and adapted to Cricket games. The ground floor seats (oposite side) can be moved forwad and backward (ca. 15 m) by hydraulic system in 8 minutes. [Syd Bondi Beach is directly on the Pacific Ocean. Besides, it is very "relaxed" part of Sydney. While we had breakfast in one of cafes here, it was diffiucult to concentrate: so many girls in bikini passed to the beach. [Sydney] Enterance from the Pacific Ocean into Sydney Harbour Last moments in Australia. [Sydney Airport, photo: Robert Czernkowski]