Ecuador (continental), South America

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050610-081512_Amsterdam 050610-123926_Amsterdam 050611-154326_Ecuador 050611-155410_Ecuador
Amsterdam, KLM ariplane - In 12 hours two tyres of this airplane exploded while landing in Quito KLM ariplane from Amsterdam to Quito Till's house near Quito - a view from 'my' room Till's house near Quito - the garden
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Till's and Katherina house near Quito - don't they live in a palace? Till's and his sons are reparing the automatic gate Quito, the "typical" monument in front of the cathedral Quito, the cathedral entrance to the catacombs
050611-193348_Ecuador 050611-193710_Ecuador 050611-194726_Ecuador 050611-194736_Ecuador
Quito, details of the cathedral Quito, the square in fron of the cathedral.There lawn are often used as a picnic place Streets in old Quito are narrow and crowded The colonial architecture in old Quito
050611-200028_Ecuador 050611-200116_Ecuador 050611-200220_Ecuador 050611-200240_Ecuador
Street of Quito. A View to the cathedral Clowdy day at Plaza des Armas - in Quito Quito, Plaza des Armas. Quito is on a very high altitude, but even bigger mountains (vulcanos) are around Quito. The cathedral seen from the Plaza des Armas
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Quito, The paritotic obelisk on the Plaza des Armas Quito, Plaza des Armas. The monument to the heros of 1809 Street of old Qiuto Streets of old Qiuto
050611-202014_Ecuador 050611-202626_Ecuador 050611-203004_Ecuador 050611-203628_Ecuador
Quito, the square seen from the stairs to the St. Francis Church Quito, St. Francisco Church inside - typical colonial architecture Quito, St. Francisco Church inside - typical colonial architecture Quito, St. Francisco Church
050611-210756_Ecuador 050611-210820_Ecuador 050612-025352_Ecuador 050612-165816_Ecuador
Old Quito - general view Old Quito - general view Katherina and Till with their children during dinner, in their house near Quito Quinche
050612-165920_Ecuador 050612-170046_Ecuador 050612-171454_Ecuador 050612-171826_Ecuador
Quinche - market square Quinche - market square Quinche - inside the church Quinche - religious shops in front of the church
050612-172118_Ecuador 050612-172134_Ecuador 050612-172620_Ecuador 050612-172838_Ecuador
Quinche - market square Quinche - local "caramel candy maker" Quinche - market restaurant Quinche - market
050612-190222_Ecuador 050612-190436_Ecuador 050612-214946_Ecuador 050612-215154_Ecuador
Cayamba - in front of the cathedral. The photo was taken by the prist of this cathedral, who was happy to speak with me in italian. Cayamba - small town Main square in Otavalo, Otavalo