theater evening:

The Spirit of Physics (Duch Fizyki)

historical fiction commedy

Scenario and directory: Jerzy Grębosz
Produder: Adam Maj
Technical chief: Mirosław Zięblinski
costumes: Katarzyna Mazurek, Maria Kmiecik
production: Instytute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland

The play was recorded 26 IX 2008 during open-air theater show and is available on DVD (in Polish, with english subtitles)

Nicolaus Copernicus - Stanisław Kwieciński
Casimir Jagiellonus - Marek Jeżabek
Halka from Niepołomice - Urszula Woźnicka
Kallimach - Piotr Zieliński
Gianfranco, Italian copyist - Zbigniew Hajduk
Prince Olbracht - Maciej Budzanowski
Prince Frederic - Szymon Myalski
Princess Elżbieta - Zosia Bednarczykówna
Sir Thomas, minister - Wojciech Zając
Treasurer of the mine - Grzegorz Polok
Spirit of physics - Agnieszka Zalewska
Higgsa dwarf I - Adam Maj
Higgsa dwarf II - Jan Styczeń
Jasiek from Bronowice - Aleksander Polit
Girls of Kazimierz - Ewelina Broda, Barbarda Dzieża, Aleksandra Kiszkurno-Mazurek, Magdalena Matejska-Minda
Abbot from Tyniec - Mirosław Ziębliński
Chochoł (demon of straw) - Jerzy Grębosz
Court lady - Małgorzata Zięblińska
Knights - History Reconstruction Group "Institorium"
Violinist - Cecylia Szklarz

Stage manager and costumes: Katarzyna Mazurek
Costumes: Maria Kmiecik
Sound effects: Marek Ruszel
Lights: Adam Bzdak, Bartłomiej Szpak
Choreography: Małgorzata Zięblińska
Knights' fights choreography: Grzegorz Kursa
Technical chief: Mirosław Ziębliński
Producer: Adam Maj
Scenario, director: Jerzy Grębosz

Story happens in Cracow and its surroundings on the end of XV century. Main heros are young student Nicolaus Copernicus, king Casimir Jagiellonus, his two sons - and many others. The actores were leading sicientist of Institue of Nuclear Physics. For example the commedy role of the King Casimir was played by outstanding phisics of elementary particles, director IFJ PAN - prof. Marek Jezabek.

Making such theatre event - comes from the old tradition of physicists, who in 1932 during the famous Copenhagen conference of physics (with Bohr, Heisenberg, Pauli) - prepared the theater evening with the parody of the Goethe Faust. The commedy play was very successful and this idea was repeated many times.

Our play „The Spirit of Physics” was performed many times in English during international conferences on nuclear physics. Many world-famos professors, form many countries - were playing in it. In 1995 during the Year of Physics - it was on preformed on stage by Teatro di Padova (in Italy). This time - it was first performance in Polish. One of the higlights of this open-ari performance were the medieval knights and ladies from the "Institorium" society. (Chases, battle, court scenes). They introduced a climate of authentic medeval times.

Some photos from the spectactle
King: - Silentium! Our royal astrologer will call the powerfull Tresaurer, who is a good ghost of this salt mine.

I am Halka from Niepołomice... and because I know herbs - they call me a witch!

Kalimach: - The real wisdom comes from Florence, where I come from!

Halka: - If you want to be a scientist, you have to learn to resign of something.

Niclolaus: - Let's do something! She is suffering!
Jasiek: - her face is so pale... How to free her from this pain?

Kazimierz, these days was known as a place of a very good entertainment. One evening, two masked people were sneeking to Kazimierz. They were coming from the Wawel hill.

King: - And now, my daughter, say "thank you" to this brave man for saving your life.

The hall was full of people spending their time with jars of wine. The buzz of conversation was mixed with the laughter of girls.

Sir Thomas: - Hold on! Do not move! You are all arrested for depravation of the king's sons.

Gianfranco: - You should know, my dear Prince, that Kalimach took from us in advance 100 ducats, but we never got the commision!

Narrator: - On the terrace of Collegium Maius a man was sitting. Above his head - the night sky was shining with milions of stars.

King: - If I had a good astrolger, I did't have to have a sense of humor.

Copernicus: - You know my lord... thanks to this astrolabium I discover that the Aristotle was wrong.
King: - Oh!..... [pause] Who is Aristotle?

Copernicus: - Bo trzeba wam wiedzieć, że (jak napisałem w mojej ostatniej książce "De Revolutionibus"), - planety krążą po okręgach...

Imć Tomasz: - Uprzedzałem Cię Królu: wszyscy naukowcy to oszuści, hochstaplerzy i pasożyty!

Copernicus: - Take your neighbours hands, create a cirlcle and say: "AAAAA...". Meanwhile I will call the powerfull Treasurer...

- Come on... Don't you know? We are the seven dwarves. We were digging tunnel for LHC.

Halka: - The spell does't work? And what about this fog???
Frederic: - Here, during the night - there are always foggy vaporus
Jasiek: - Bun not such strong ones... Surely this is a magic!

Chochoł: -Join their hands in this way... Say the prayer, but backwards. I will play the music. I play well... I play strong!

There, near "Krak" somebody was standing in the darknes... It haunted place - this crossroad.

Jasiek: It is all my fault! I lost the golden horn, somewhere near the crossroads...

Spirit of physics: -You are a new generation. People like Copernicus, Newton, Einstein - gave this world into your hands. Now you have to multiply this riches.

Spirit of physics: -It is worthwhile to work on secrets of Nature. However small would be your contribution.

Princes Elisabeth gave Nicolaus a bunch of lilies...

Jasiek: - They hear nothing, but the music. Some kind of dream - took them over...

Sir Thomas: -Guards! Arrest them all!

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