Jerzy Grebosz

Symphony in C ++

Object Oriented Programming in C++
Easy text-book

Published by: Oficyna Kallimach, Krakow
  • Edition I - 1993
  • Edition II - 1994
  • Edition III - 1994 r.       ISBN 83-901689-0-1
  • Edition IV - 1996 r.        ISBN 83-901689-1-X
  • Edition V - 2003

Now this book will not be printed anymore.
I has now only a historical  value, because it describes the C++ language according to its definition in the famous book "The C++ Annotated Reference Manual" - which is now "overwritten" by the new international standard - defined by the  ISO  committee.  The C++ language  in this "new shape" is described by another book by Jerzy Grebosz - Opus magnum C++11 (in polish language).

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