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Symphony in C ++ Standard

Object Oriented Programming in  C++ 
Easy text-book

Pages ca 1280.
Editor:  Edition 2000 Krakow   (as collaboration with Oficyna Kallimach, Krakow)
  •  Edition I - September 2005 (one volume)
  •  Edition II - November 2006 (two volumes)
  •  Edition III - October 2008 (two volumes)
The book is written in polish.

This book is a new version of a bestselling book called "Symphony in C++" which was describing the C++ language according to its previous definition (ARM) .

The new book - in its title - has a word "standard" to underline, that it describes the C++ language according to the  international standard defined by the ISO committee.
(See the symbol "ISO C++" on the cover of the book)

The polish table of contents (as the PDF): Spis treci

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