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Dyrektor IFJ PAN serdecznie zaprasza wszystkich pracowników naukowych i doktorantów na Seminaria Instytutowe, które odbywają się w czwartki o godzinie 11:00 w Auli IFJ PAN.

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30 marca 2023, godz. 11:00, Aula IFJ PAN

"Gamma Factory — a tool-driven revolution?"
prof. Mieczysław Witold Krasny (CERN)

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28 marca 2023, godz. 11:00

online via ZOOM
"Transient Absorption of Warm Dense Matter Created by an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser"
prof. Beata Ziaja-Motyka

Seminaria Oddziału IV

30 marca 2023, godz. 14:00, sala seminaryjna (pokój 4402, IV p.)

"The NUONS model to understand particles compositions and interactions"
dr Rene Brun (CERN honorary member)

A new elementary particles model is proposed where the main components are nuons. A nuon is an electron-positron dipole associated with a neutrino&antineutrino. For instance a muon is built with 3 nuons rotating around an axis made of 2 nuons, the pion with 4 nuons, the kaon with 32 and the proton with 64. The mass and magnetic moment (if any) are computed with very high precision( better than Lattice QCD). The results of this computation for the 135 mesons and 137 baryons in the current Particle Data Group tables will be presented. The model has been tested with particles colliders at many energies. The results with proton-proton or proton-antiproton elastic scattering will be shown, as well as results for all types of inelastic, deep-inelastic collisions with production of secondary particles and jets. More recently the model has been tested to understand the building of ions ranging from Helium to Lead, as well as the Au-Au or Pb-Pb collisions at BNL or LHC. The nuon is also a possible candidate for dark matter.

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29 marca 2023, godz. 11:00, Aula IFJ PAN

"Electronic damage of matter induced by X-rays through post-ionization mechanisms"
dr Wojciech Błachucki (NZ53)

Seminaria "Terapia protonowa, Dozymetria i Fizyka Medyczna":

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